I-CAR Training

the only I-CAR Gold Class Certified Shop in pacifica

  • I-CAR, the inter-industry conference on auto collision repair, is dedicated to excellence through training.
  • This designation assures you that our organization has achieved a high level of technical training in collision repair. As Gold Class Professionals, we pledge to improve our knowledge of the repair process to serve you as the customer better.
  • Anytime you are on the road, you are unfortunately at risk of being involved in a collision. Be prepared and take an active role in the collision repair process. Your vehicle may be the second largest investment of your lifetime - feel confident that your vehicle repairs are in the right hands.
  • Vehicle owners need to know that their vehicles have been repaired safely by collision repair professionals who have the knowledge to do the job.
  • The I-CAR Gold Class Professionals symbol is one way to determine that a collision repair facility is committed to providing the training necessary to keep its team up-to-date on the most current vehicle technology and repair procedures.
  • Hack's Auto Body has been continually I-CAR Gold Class certified since 1993. We are currently the only I-CAR Gold Class repair facility in Pacifica.

For more information, visit www.goldclass.com


I-car gold class professionals

Here is a small example of the equipment we use:

  • Whitney 360 degree Frame rack
  • Blackhawk Shark Electronic Measuring System
  • Manufacturer Approved down draft Paint Booth
  • Attached paint mixing vented mixing room
  • Manufacturer Approved PPG Envirobase Paint System
  • Becca Waste Thinner Recycling System
  • Rotary 9000 lb. Auto Lift
  • Solar Charging System
  • Energy-efficient Shop Lighting
  • Manufacuter Certified Spot Resisitance Smart Welder
  • Manufacturer Certifed MIG Welders
  • Plasma Cutter
  • 2 Stand-up Bearing Presses
  • Wall-mount Strut Spring Compressor
  • Nitrogen Plastic Welder